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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  March 4, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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even a person who is now president of united states faces a predicament when they talk about race. they face all sorts of predicaments. they face the facts that there are some that are racially prejudiced. they face the fact that a much larger portion of the american population wants to deny the realities of race. >> today, harvard law professor , randall kennedy, on racism, politics, and the obama administration. he is the author of five books. he will take your calls, he knows, and mitt romney continues to campaign in ohio this week. next, reform massachusetts governor takes place in a town
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hall meeting in dayton, ohio. ♪ ♪ [born free by kid rock] >> wow. what a turnout. i have a question for this crowd. do you believe we cannot afford another four years of barack obama? [applause] that must mean we will do everything in our power over the next three days to make sure mitt romney wins ohio and in the fall beats barack obama. are we going to do it?
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[applause] three more days and we are. it is great to be here. the mayor is doing a great job as a champion for this area. we also happen states senator chris widener here. pretty good team, do you not think? [applause] and the big guy behind me here, nick mangold, centerville, ohio. you can probably tell from looking at him he plays a sport. can you guess which one it is? a great buckeye star and now playing in some place called new york. we have to get him back to ohio, folks. thank you for being here, nick.
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ladies and gentleman, some of you know i have worked for a couple of presidents. i have seen the kind of leadership we need in the oval office. here in ohio, i have seen the kind of leadership we need to turn things around to get this economy going again, do we not? [applause] guess what -- there is somebody running for president who has that kind of leadership, who knows how to get things done, who focuses on solutions, who can turn this economy around because he goes up to create jobs, and that is mitt romney. [applause] he has got the midas touch. everything he has done he has done superbly. during the olympics, we had just gone through 9/11. we needed a shot in the arm. he took over the olympics when
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it was headed toward insolvency, turned it around, and made us proud americans. [applause] as the governor of the state of massachusetts, he inherited a budget that was $3 billion in deficit. when he left office, they had a $2 billion surplus. how about that? [applause] he cut taxes more than 10 times in the process to bring back jobs. that is a pretty good lesson for washington, d.c., is it not? [applause] we are fortunate to have somebody running for president as a republican who can and will beat president barack obama in the fall. ladies and gentlemen, we need is leadership. [applause] we need to win this race. once again, are we going to do everything in our power over the next three days to make sure mitt romney wins ohio?
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[applause] the heart of it all, the buckeye state. i am going to ask you to welcome centerville native who also happens to be a great supporter of mitt romney. >> i want to thank you all for coming out. an amazing crowd here. i was very honored to have the opportunity to come. i am a big fan of mitt and what he will do for us as the next president of the united states. the biggest thing for me as a proud son of ohio is to welcome him and give them the support he needs. the next president of the united states, mitt romney. [applause] >> thank you.
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thank you. please. thank you. thank you. thank you. you know, -- thank you. thank you so much. if i was as big and strong as nick, this race would be over. [laughter] quite a champion of the ohio state university. [applause] i am excited by the response by the number of people here by your enthusiasm and passion. before i offer my remarks, i want to think about those that are hurting today. with tornadoes that have touched down across this great land, we have had people lose everything they own.
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we have had people lose their lives and their loved ones. so in respect for those who have great sorrow today, i wonder if we might take a moment to collect our thoughts, a moment of silence, and offer a word of prayer in our own ways to ask our father in heaven to bless those that are troubled and sorrowful today. thank you so much. i am it proud to be in this place. i do not know if i can pronounced it right. [unintelligible] sue haas cockaday. is the owner and operator. did i get close enough? the great thrill i have of going around the country meeting americans who have done extraordinary and ordinary
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things. it makes you come away with a greater confidence in the future of this country. he came to this country as a young man. he had been in india. he made a living in india -- at the end of the school year he would buy books from students and sell them to new students and make a nice profit. the decided he wanted to get a degree. he got an advanced degree. if you go to an institution of higher learning somewhere around the world, you have a skill, know how, talent -- staple a green card to the diploma and have them come to the usa. we want those brains to come here. he was one of those brains. [applause] he came here and has begun businesses. an entrepreneur. an innovator. he started a software business that makes parts for aerospace. automotive parts. he has made hundreds of jobs possible. this is something about america
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that is so unusual and unique. he did not have the government tell him to come here. he did not have the government tell him where to build. [applause] he did not go to washington and say can i please have permission to build this enterprise? he came here on his own because this is the land of opportunity. people all over the world seeking opportunity come here and those that are successful do not make as poor. they make us better off. we celebrate people who come here for freedom and opportunity. [applause] i was in michigan a couple of days ago. you have a border security problem here in ohio. [laughter] you let me in from that state. i met bill. bill is a doctor. he said all of the government
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interaction is troublesome. he and his dad started a business of his own. they make casters. not the fishing rod casters, the wheels that help you move heavy things around. he employs dozens of people making casters. another guy named norm burns -- norm does not have an advanced degree, but he is an engineer with over 100 patents to his name. he makes electrical systems and employs people. a marvelous country we live in. i just love the american spirit. when the founders created this country, they made a choice that has made all the difference. they said that we as individuals in this land were given our rights not by government, but by god. [applause]
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that freedom and the ability to pursue happiness as we choose, our ancestors came here seeking opportunity. at they became successful, they built the strongest nation in the history of the earth. i love the fact we can pursue opportunity as we choose and pursue happiness as we dream rather as read the obama or his friends tell us. we have freedom in this country to make it strong. [applause] sometimes i do not think the president understand the power of america's economy and what makes it work. i'd think it helps to have actually been in the economy, to have had a job in the private sector. [applause]
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to be able to create those jobs. you see, politicians make a lot of promises, but they do not know what it takes to deliver. this president when he was running far office said he would cut the deficit in half. he has doubled it. he has raised taxes on middle income families if you consider obamacare. he also told the american people that if we let him borrow $787 billion for his so-called stimulus, he would keep unemployment below 8%. it has not been below 8% since. this is a president who is out of ideas, excuses, and in 2012, we will make sure he is out of office. [applause]
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you guys are great. this is like an ohio state football game. this is amazing. let me tell you -- in this election, we are going to have a choice as to the direction of america. we have a president who is comfortable with a trillion dollar deficits even as europe is suffering near calamity because of their deficit, he is comfortable adding up trillion upon trillion. if i am president of the united states, i will cut programs, i will return programs to states, and i will finally balance our budgets. [applause]
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i happen to think these deficits are dangerous, that for the economy, i also think they are immoral. i think it is wrong for my generation year after year to keep benefits upon ourselves and pass on obligations to the next generation. i take it as a moral responsibility to balance our budget and get america strong again. [applause] by having a fiscal sanity reinstalled and our nation. there are some other differences. this is a president who said he was going to help us get jobs. of course, he reminds us all the time that he did not cause the recession, he inherited it. he does not want to remind us that he also inherited a democrat house and a democrat senate and he was free to do whatever he wanted. he put in place this plan, and three years later, we are still suffering. people in ohio's still
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suffering. he went on the "today show" and said if i cannot turn around the economy in three years, i will be looking at a one-term proposition. we are here to collect. [applause] you just try and think of something he has done that helped create jobs, that made it more likely for small businesses to open their doors. the number of start-ups per year in america has dropped by 100,000 with this president. did obamacare create more jobs? no. did putting in place dodd-frank make it easier for small businesses to obtain loans. no. the list goes on and on. his actions make it harder for this economy to get going. what i will do if i am
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president is to take the actions i have seen in my private sector life -- 25 years in business. i want to take those lessons to make america the most attractive place in the world for jobs, to make it such that innovators want to come here, that people all over the world invest here, upstart companies here, hire people here. how do you do that? you make sure regulations are up-to-date, modern, and minimized. you make sure we take advantage of our energy resources. use our coal and gas. [applause] and, by the way, you make sure that you pass the easiest test all -- you say yes to the keystone pipeline from canada. [applause]
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you also want to have tax policies that encourage small and big businesses to grow and invest. let me make mention of a couple of things. this president should understand that most americans work in businesses that are taxed not as corporations, but as individuals. they call them flow-through businesses where there is not a corporate level tax. it goes right to the individual. his plan is to raise the taxes from 35% on those entities to 40%. if he does back, he will kill jobs. my plan is to cut taxes across the board by 20% and get more jobs in america. [applause] when it comes to jobs, we also have to recognize that trade is a good thing. my guess is you are selling some of your products are around the world.
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you should never ask someone a question unless you know the answer, but i took a chance there. that is true for a number of reasons -- the quality of our workmanship, engineering, talent, design, materials -- and come together to have america as the most productive of the major economies in the world. that term "productive"-- what does that mean? how much does the average american produced in goods and services? they add that up and divide the total production in our economy by the total population and say here is the productivity of american's work force. the compare that with other nations and we are number one. it is good for us to be able to sell to other places because we are so productive. we want to sell these things elsewhere. over the last three years, china and the european nations have figured that out.
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they have established 44 different trade agreements, trying to increase their trade. guess how many agreements this provision has put in place? zero. that has to change. something else has to change. if when we trade to other people, some will cheat. you have to stop them from cheating. the president said he would take china to the mat. instead he let them walk all over us. the right course is to make sure that china can no longer still intellectual property, can no longer manipulate their currency. [applause] they have to finally play by the rules and make sure china is taught a lesson. [applause] let me mention something else about a difference between where we are headed under this president as compared to where we would head at i were president. that relates to our military and our capacity to defend ourself.
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this is a president comfortable with the idea of cutting $500 billion out of a decade-long military commitment. he is comfortable with reducing our number of ships, are purchases of aircraft, reducing our active duty personnel, and reducing our commitment to our veterans by cutting the benefits they receive under tri- care. yeah. boo. [laughter] the state of our military -- let me summarize. we have fewer ships in our navy than anytime since 1917. we have a pure and older aircraft in our air force fleet than anytime since 1947 when it was formed. of course, you know how stressed our armed services personnel were in the conflicts in iraq and afghanistan, yet he was to cut those things. a strong military is the best ally peace ever had and we
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should keep a strong and vital american military. [applause] and so rather -- [applause] and so rather than cut our shipbuilding from the current level of 9 per year, and will raise it to 15. i will increase the productivity of f-35s. i will add 100,000 troops to our active duty personnel and i will give our veterans the care they deserve. [applause]
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what an honor it is to be here with you. my goal if i become president is pretty straightforward. i want more jobs for the people of ohio, for the people of america. for me, talking about jobs is not something academic. it is not something i have debated in a congressional committee. it is something i have done. i have been in business. i know what it is like to worry about meeting payroll. i have looked at the prospect of bankruptcy. having been in business, i know what it takes to make business successful. i want to use that experience to help get america working again. we have good people running office, but these other guys and spent their lives in government. nothing wrong with that, but right now with our economy in distress, with jobs so badly needed, we need a president who knows the economy to fix the economy. [applause]
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now i am told you get a chance to ask me some questions. that is always the most exciting part. we are going to take a moment and let you raise a question or two. right here in the front row. ok. i walk into a microphone. >> you mentioned you're going to repeal obamacare when you got into office. i just heard you mention dodd- frank. i did not hear you mention anything about a sarbanes not sleep. -- sarbanes oxley. would you plan to repeal those two major -- which are really choking our ability to innovate and create jobs and so forth? [applause] >> yes.
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there's a direct answer. let me tell you -- one of the challenges we have is, again, we have in washington people who spend their lives in washington and do not understand when they write a piece of legislation what impact that will have in the private sector. how many lives will be affected by it? i do not think the president understands that the pieces of legislation he has put in place has made it harder for our economy to recover. by the way, that little phrase -- harder for the economy to recover -- let's translate that. it means millions of people out of work. it means people suffering. i go across the country -- i meet entrepreneurs who are successful building enterprises, i meet men and women who are having a hard time, who cannot find work. i was with one gentleman who was over 70. he said i thought i would be retired by now but i cannot afford to give in this economy. a lot of college kids -- four years ago when i ran for office, i would go to universities and ask kids what was the biggest question in the
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mines. it was always about iraq back then. today it is about jobs. they wonder if i can find a job when they get out. soldiers coming home - number one question -- will i find work when i come home? these legislative monsters that have been created kill jobs. anytime someone says they have a 2000 page bill, that automatically ought to send some red flags. can we find a way to get a bill may be 10, 20, or 30 pages that we can concentrate on, fix it, and make it work on the economy? [applause] by the way, when i get rid of obamacare, when i get rid of dodd-frank, it does not mean i want to get rid of lots. i want to make sure it is modern, updated, goes after the bad guys, but also encourages the good guys.
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i was with a banker i did do york. he said we have hundreds of lawyers working on understanding, implementing dodd-frank. guess how many community banks have hundreds of lawyers? none of them. they struggle along. they pull back from making loans. after dodd-frank, bigger banks are getting bigger, smaller banks are pulling back. i understand business well enough that i will look at this legislation, i will send back built will kill jobs. by the way -- obama era regulations -- i will put an end to all of those that kill jobs. thank you. [applause] >> governor, i am one of over 20,000 retirees who have lost
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our health care, our life insurance, and locked up to 30% of our pensions. i think you are well aware of this issue. we got tied into the expedited bankruptcy of general motors and the auto bailout in washington, which you know picked losers and winners in the process using our tax dollars and we were chosen as losers. our union counterparts were chosen as winners. my question is are the other 20,000 that cannot be here today, if you are elected president, what can you do to prevent this from happening in the future and what can you do to help us get our pensions restored? [applause] >> thank you. it is known as crony capitalism where politicians in power decide to use their power to take care of their friends and they sort of brushed aside the law. we have in this country
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provisions for bankruptcy so that when enterprises get over their heads, whether there is a huge bleeding going on, you can stanch the bleeding, get them on their feet, and start them up again. in those provisions which provide for the various people who had to take a severe hair cut to make sure what happens is fair. what happened in this case is the president decided, a first of all, to send money to the auto companies without first stopping the bleeding. he should have let them go to manage bankruptcy first, not just putting money in their purse. [applause] secondly, they finally went to the managed bankruptcy process, which they needed to do, then they get help coming out of bankruptcy. that was needed, too. he put his hands on the scales of justice in the bankruptcy process. instead of the law being followed, certain favorites
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were given special deals. those who work are uaw were given special deals. that is simply wrong. you have to follow the law. we are a nation of laws. markets only work, people were only invest their life savings, the only take risks if they believe the law is going to be followed. contract, bankruptcy, and other laws -- i will follow the law. i will make sure this never happens again. thank you. [applause] yes, ma'am? [applause] -- how will you approach appealing the ever growing great divide in congress so your wonderful plan can come to fruition? [applause] >> it has to be less trading as i listen to the man from delphi and to talk about his pension.
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this is real life. this is a family affected by government. you want to see government work together because of you are a human being. you have kids. how many grandkids do you have? yes. europe grandkids. you worry about their future. we are human beings. it is not too much to ask -- we expect washington to try to solve problems, make things better, not to get in the way, but to open up america so that american people can have a brighter future. when they cannot get the job done, when they cannot seem somehow to get out of our way, we ask why that is. it is hard for a lot of us to understand. i did not spend my life in politics. i spent my life in business. if we have problems, we found a way to solve the problems. there were no options. people asked is it harder to work in business or government? the answer is in business. in business if you make a
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mistake, you go out of business. you'll lose your job. government keeps on raising your taxes, blaming the other party, borrowing money. we have people who can get the job done. i had the blessing of being elected in a state where my legislature was 85% democrat. it did not take a rocket scientist or a brilliant engineer for me to figure out that to get anything done i had to work with the opposition party. we disagreed on almost every issue, but we respected each other. from time to time we could find common ground. we agreed to cut taxes time and again. we read balanced the budget. we agreed not to expand our borrowing. we agreed to have english immersion in our schools. the decisions of our predecessors -- we can work together.
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i began early on in my administration -- i said i will not attack the speaker of the house and the senate, that on a personal basis. i will show respect for them. halfway to my term i published a brochure which describe the great accomplishments in my administration. this was a campaign kind of thing. i paid for it, so my picture is on the cover, all right? so is the picture of the senate president and the speaker of the house. we are together in these pictures. you open it up and it talks about our accomplishments together. you have to work with people. this is a critical time for america. i care about america. i am not going to washington because it is the next step in my political career. i do not have the political career. i want my kids and grandkids to live in a nation with prosperity and security. [applause]
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>> i have two questions. our country is literally bleeding money. do you support decisions -- the blood loss is rapidly increasing. the patient is going to die soon if the doctors did not stop arguing and act soon. what can we do to jump-start congress to get their heads out of the sand and actually stand up and be leaders and take real action? >> thank you good question. we have got some of those leaders here who are battling in congress and the senate. what i am going to do is send nick there to bang some heads. [laughter] i'm kidding.
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i think a president typically has about 100 days or so to really get things going and to change the course of the country. with regards to the fact that we are bleeding -- we are spending $1 trillion more than we take in every year. we have got to change that right away. i cannot wait for my second term to start thinking about that. i have to get that started right away. from the very beginning, we are going to go through every single line of the federal budget and i am to look at the program and say at this program is so critical that we should borrow money from china to pay for it and if it does not pass that test, i will get rid of that. i will ask you to sacrifice by agreeing not to be too upset when i cut out some programs. for instance, i'd like pbs. i like big bird and bert and ernie, my grandkids to watch, but i do not think we should be borrowing money so our kids do not have to watch advertising. big bird will have to see some corn flakes from time to time under my administration.
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[applause] we are going to cut programs. i am also going to take programs like medicare -- excuse me, medicaid, which is a health care program for the poor -- food stamps, housing vouchers, training programs -- there are 47 different government work force training programs in washington. think of all the bureaucracy. i am going to take the money from them, send it to ohio and each state and say you run the programs as you think is best and grow them with inflation. [applause] i will find those democrats who recognize how critical this is -- both democrats and those republicans -- and we will make sure we get america back on track. that will lead us to finally have a balanced budget and in short our kids a nation that is
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prosperous and free. thank you. [applause] another question? >> my husband and i currently have a daughter serving with the 82nd airborne in afghanistan. [applause] >> thank you. >> i appreciate the vision you have for our military as a mother. this is our second deployment. her first deployment, she never once said i want to come home. this deployment has been extremely hard, not only for her, but for my husband and i. every e-mail, every time we skype, i hear i want to come now. we have no definition of a mission brigid she is a first lieutenant. there is nothing for us to do here. what would your plan be to expedite getting our troops home now and possibly bringing
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them in and putting them on our border to secure them for the future? [applause] >> thank you. as you can hear from the response of people in this room, we appreciate the sacrifices she is making and that your family is making for the greatest nation on earth. thank you. [applause] one of the things i found most disturbing and hard to explain is how we can have our sons and daughters in conflict risking their lives and not have the president on a regular basis addressing the american people, describing what is happening, describing what our mission is, describing what the goals would be, describing how much progress we are making, and informing the people of america
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there are other americans making sacrifices for our liberty. the president needs to do that. if your daughter is not familiar with the mission she is on, how can the commander in chief sleep at night knowing that we have soldiers in harmer's way that do not know exactly what it is they are doing there? i know why we are involved in afghanistan. i know what it will take for us to be successful and bring our troops home. i want that to happen as soon as timidly possible as soon as that mission is complete. the mission is to pass along to afghanistan a security force capable of maintaining the sovereignty of that nation. they have the capacity to build their own nation. we will not be able to at hand on a silver platter of their freedom. they will have to fight for that, and it, keep the taliban from digging get away from them, but we have given them the opportunity. we will bring our troops on
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home as soon as humanly possible. thank you. [applause] >> governor, months ago they were attacking you on a bain capital type of things. can you talk about the ad where the gentleman, your business partner -- you flew to new york and rescued his daughter. would you tell the story? >> yes. i have not thought about that for awhile. let me get the facts straight. i have not seen the ad in a number of years for those not familiar, i did what you would do. i was responsible for a business. the business i started, bain capital, invested in starting businesses and, in some cases, requiring existing businesses, usually those not doing very well. one of my partners came to the office on a tuesday if i recall
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correctly and he said my daughter without permission went into new york city, went to a party, -- that was on sunday and now it is tuesday -- she is not home. we do not know where she is. she is lost. i think she was 15 or so at the time that occurred. i said let's close the company. we were in boston. let all right down to new york and try to find her. we closed the business, went home and pack dark things, we got a hotel near the airport where we all went to. we set up a headquarters, met with the detectives in the new york city police department. we hired a private investigative firm to guide as to this process. we happened at that time to be an investor in a drug store company in new york city called
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duane reed. we printed out fliers with her picture and had been stuffed in every back for every customer. then we contacted our law firm in new york and said we need some lawyers to walk the streets and look for her. we contacted our accounting firm. we said we need some accountants to walk the streets for this. there we were, a bunch of folks in suits, walking around new york showing pictures and asking teenagers have using this girl? we heard people saying yes, we saw her. she was at a party. we get reports of that nature. after a day or two of that, it made the news. these guys walking around, asking kids if they had seen this young lady. guys in suits and briefcases. we got a call into our hot line.
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someone called and said is there a reward for the return of this young lady? the person said hold on a moment. the caller hung up on them. we were able to trace the call and go to the home. it was in new jersey. we found her in the basement of the home. [applause] i was moved by the generosity of people working at the drugstore, the accounting firm, the law firm who spent their time going around looking, trying to help others. i remember on one occasion one of our team reported he showed her picture to a girl -- i do not recall what her age was -- and he said have you seen this girl? she said, no, i have not seen her, but you are not the first person who has asked me. i said i with my parents cared
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so much about me that they would do something like this for me. we are a generous people. i remember i was out at the olympics in 2002 in salt lake city, helping organize the games. there was the report of a tornado, i believe it was a policy. -- oklahoma city. one of the fellows i heard about it would take fema forever to get there to help him. i will take my van and fill it with bread from the local bakery and drive to oklahoma city and give people some bread. he got ready to do that and the radio station heard about it and said if you and to take some stuff for you, come to a parking lot in downtown salt lake city. so much stuff started to arrive, they had to get two trailers to fill up with goods. is little caravan with his van and to the semis drove to oklahoma city. and were met by the police. the court and off the area.
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they let him through. he distributed blankets, food, and so forth. we are a generous people. we are a people that cares for others. what an amazing land we live in. i love america. [applause] >> hi, governor. with so many of today's prices rising and costs going up from gas, food, whatever -- when you are president, what can you do to help seniors who are struggling to -- who may only have social security and are looking at their i put food on the table, do i pay my doctor bill, or pay for my medication? the cost keep going up, but i am on a fixed income. my fixed income is staying the same and i am having to choose
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between food, doctor bills, medications -- what can you do to the seniors in that situation? >> thank you so much. there are so many people that are struggling right now for seniors, middle income families. the median income for america has dropped 10% in the last four years. help prices are up, food prices are up, energy prices are way up. gasoline, that is. people are really hurting across the country. the best thing i can do is to get the economy going again, get people back to work at to see rising incomes and wages. the best thing i can do for seniors is to make sure they do not have to worry about social security or medicare. they do not have to worry about cuts coming there. people who rely on these programs should know that if i am president of the united states, but will not only be protected, there will be preserved.
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i will make sure the programs are permanent and will be there for the seniors of today and the seniors of tomorrow. thank you. [applause] yes, ma'am. you have a name tag on. did that darlene? >> there was one thing that would help stimulate many jobs in many areas and it needs some help. that is the housing market. what can you do to help that? so many jobs in some many areas that will help so many people. >> there are two things. number one, we need banks, particularly community banks, that have been, in many cases, those who of originated these loans. we need them to be willing to
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renegotiate with people who are under water in their homes to make sure people can stay in their homes. if you as someone who has an income and can meet payments that are a little lower than the current mortgage, work with them, renegotiate. do not put the home in foreclosure if most people can meet those obligations. that is something a lot of small banks do not feel they can do because they are frightened with the regulators are going to come in and punish them for renegotiating those loans. i want more flexibility so we can keep people in homes that can make reasonable payments. [applause] number two, if you have a 11.1% unemployment, it will be real hard to get the housing market going again. the right way to get the housing market going is to have people working again. if people are working again, they can buy homes, but the move from town to town.
6:48 am
if there are more people demanding homes than there are supplying palms, the demand will go up. you see people suffering from an economy that has not been rebated. i will do everything in my power to make sure my job is getting good jobs to the american people. i know the things i have to do to make this the most attractive place for entrepreneurs, innovators, and small business. as i do that, we would get people back into houses. we'll see housing prices rise again. we have enjoyed many years of great prosperity and growth in america. it is not a mystery as to why it is. this downturn has not been followed by a springboard return to growth because of president obama's policies. i am going to get rid of those policies. i will restore the vitality of our economy. [applause] i have told you how i would do it. i have told you why i would do it. because i love the american people. i love my family, kids, and
6:49 am
grandkids. i want them to have a bright and prosperous future. i also believe the entire world needs a strong america. [applause] at the foundation of this nation are principles that change the world. the declaration of independence was an inspiration to the entire world. our constitution is the blueprint for our way forward. right now we have a president who says he wants to finally transform america and turn us into something we are not. i do not want to become europe. europe does not work in europe. it will not work here. [applause] i want to restore to america the principles that made america the nation we are. i happen to believe that despite the challenges we have, that if we have leaders but will tell the truth and live with integrity and know how to lead because they have actually led
6:50 am
before, that we can overcome any challenges. i intend to be that leader with your help. get out and vote tuesday. thank you so much. thank you. [applause] by kid rock ♪] ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ [♪hang on sloopy ♪] >> next, your calls and comments on "washington journal." live at 10:30 a.m., remarks by israeli president shimon peres and president obama. >> if you had said in 2006 that
6:59 am
the world would be begging for the united states to use force again in the middle east in 3.5 years, everyone would have said you were crazy. >> he is not only an adviser to the mitt romney campaign bus service on secretary of state hillary clinton's advisory board. >> i have been ready for years that there is a lot of continuity in american foreign policy. there is a broad consensus and what you are seeing is the kind of consensus in the foreign policy committee and probably there is a lot of overlap between the two parties. >> more with robert kagan on foreign policy tonight at 8:00 eastern on cspan's "q &a." >> a political roundtable on tuesday's primaries with a political strategist from the


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